Raleigh Hills Shangri-La


The children were now in their teens. The existing backyard had a rusting swing set and was a muddy place that only the dog seemed to like. The existing garage was in disrepair and too small. The family had a large extended local family and enjoyed having all the kids over for get togethers.


And so, a new backyard seemed like the perfect idea with outdoor living and a new garage, all in a totally private area that had new fencing and dense and high landscape on the perimeter. This project featured a high end outdoor barbeque, outdoor living around a fireplace, changing room and a new swimming pool and spa surrounded by generous blue stone terraces. Lighting was planned to make the area inviting after dark. This Shangri-la became a hit with the family and their guests, and the kids loved the pool.




Michael Mathers


Craftsman Homes Group