The Emmons Design Firm

Our firm is based on creating places that people will be extremely happy with. Consistently, we have achieved that goal. A home project is a big investment for our clients and is an opportunity to make one's home work better and be a better reflection of the way one wants to live. We start every project with getting to know our clients well, and we like to listen and become familiar with the goals and dreams of our clients and their families. We ask a lot of questions: What are your priorities? What do you do at home on a weekday evening? What do you do at home on the weekends? Do you entertain? What will make spaces work better for your family? What do you like to do in your outdoor spaces? What works, what doesn't work with your home. From there we find out straight away about regulatory and site constraints, and budget goals. We do not come to any project with preconceived ideas. We are a seasoned pair of eyes who have seen many successful projects, and we bring these experiences to our projects. Ultimately, this will be your new home. We want it to not only function well, but be a place you love to live in.